Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

I have decided to invoke a new routine to my week. One day a week I am going to make a wish. I am going to put it out there for the world to see with the hopes that somehow my wish gets granted. Wish-list Wednesday it is called and I am starting with what I think is a simple request.

Here goes - I wish to get paid for acting. Simple to the point. I personally don't think that is asking too much. It has been the way of the world for quite some time. You do a job you get paid for it. This is how it has always been I didn't make the rules. Ever since I was a kid. I took out the trash, did the dishes, dusted and got paid for it. What started out as $5 a week turned into a bit more as I started working outside the home. A weekly paycheck gradually increased in quantity as the years went on and the jobs became more complex. That was until I moved to LA and all payment for my time ceased to exist.

How is it that it is ok to ask some one to work for you and not pay them? Even worse, how is it ok that I continue to accept these terms? I bewilder myself, I really do. I can't count the number of times I have said enough-I will no longer work for free and yet like a classic crack addict I am back working for the promise of something great. ...And it never is.

Therefore, today on my first day of Wish-list Wednesday I am wishing for a paycheck, preferably from SAG, and sadly at this point I will almost take any amount. I just want to be paid for my work.

So to the few of you who read this - throw in a wish. Anything you want and like a good fountain I will take your penny and your wish. Who knows it may come true. Otherwise come the months end I will just collect all the pennies and buy myself a gelato.

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  1. If you take all the pennies then it is like you have gotten paid to be a genie which you are not really and thus you will be acting and thus your dreams will have come true. Sort of.

    I am so thrilled to read a new post from you. I adore your writing and you and your point of view. always witty.

    I hear your wish and I shall catch up on all the usot script in search of a role for you!